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Steven Ray Hunt's Home Page

New: The Quartet.
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You've landed on the home page of Steven Ray Hunt, a funny old guy who lives in Del Rio, TX and works at Laughlin AFB.  His work consists of goofing around with gadgets on cool little trainer planes for the USAF.  This home page was created for Steven by his cute little (younger) brother, Alan.  The younger goof-ball did this so that you would have a sort of quick way to catch up on how and what the elder goof-ball is doing lately.   The elder (Steven – I know this is getting confusing) hopes you enjoy your visit here.   The younger (Alan) also hopes you'll enjoy your visit, but he feels that you've already heard enough about him (i.e., Alan, the younger) so, ... enough already ...   Let's talk about Elder Steven from now on.   Anyway, after you've snooped around here for a while, if your visit leaves you baffled, . . . be happy.  This is a good sign, indicating that you are a fairly normal person.  

In case you're wondering, ... yes, this site is still very much "under construction." Check back soon for more fascinating material.

Meanwhile, check THIS out.